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This quarter our advice is about "starting the new job/welcoming the new employee".
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STReWay Spring 2012 Newsletter

Is it 1999 again? Recruiters are in hot demand and the IPO market is heating up!

Yes, Facebook's long awaited IPO did happen, and with a certain amount of fanfare followed by market disappointment. You will find more about IPOs at

Recent Articles/Blogs of Interest

Last quarter the article on what the VCs were predicting received a lot of interest, here are some additional tech predictions from the CES show:

And... Silicon Valley will certainly benefit from the Jobs Act. Cooley LLP writes about what this means:

The hottest companies in Silicon Valley:

Candidates and Hiring Managers: Maximize Your Experience with Recruiters

Our highest priority at STRe Solutions is building long-term relationships with both jobseekers and hiring managers. The Recruiter Relations section of our newsletter offers ongoing tips to help you maximize your experience with a recruiter, regardless of whether you’re seeking top talent to seamlessly join your team or searching for your next ideal position.

The previous two newsletters were about “getting the interview” and then “after the interview”. Now that you hired your candidate and the candidate has the job, how do both of you make sure this is a successful hire?

Candidate Tip #118

New job in hand - how can you be sure to be successful?

I’m sure you thought about your first 90 days during the interview process, now it’s time to put those plans into action. It is important to establish relationships with the key stake holders, executives and staff. Gather information to understand the direction of the company and how you will impact that. Don’t be afraid to set up meetings and ask for input. Be open and lead with the company’s best interests, not your own.

Check in with your manager and make sure you are on the right track. Setting up regular ‘1 to 1’s is a good idea, even for senior level professionals. Follow the lead when that seems appropriate, and take the lead when you can demonstrate your knowledge and experience and move the company/project forward.

If you have a staff, review their HR files and set up an individual meeting with each member of your team to let them get to know you. Ask them what is important to them and what they believe needs to happen within the organization.

Hiring Manager Tip #118

Offer accepted, now how do you integrate your new employee into your organization?

A lot depends on the size of your organization and company. For the small company the onboarding process can be informal and as the hiring manager you can handle the process of introductions and ask Human Resources, or your Office Manager, to handle the employee paperwork for payroll and benefits.

It is most important to make the new employee feel welcome and give the employee the tools to be successful. Make sure your team is aware of the new employee and their responsibilities, and in today’s digital world make sure the employee has a laptop and access to the systems they need.

You might schedule a welcoming event, such as a lunch, or group meeting. Don’t forget to include employees who may be at a different location. And... if there are employees whose functions will change as a result of this new hire, make sure they are informed and “on the boat.”

The Fall 2009 STReWay offers some excellent information about Onboarding from leading expert George Bradt:

STRe Fun - Deskercise

With a long workday and an hour or two commuting, you may not have the energy or the time for much exercise. The University of California has come up with a program just for this: