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   • Twitter's IPO minted 1600 new millionaires

   • Fastest Growing Companies in Silicon Valley
   • Software Magazine report on growth
   • Salaries are on the rise

   This quarter the STRe Solutions team discusses
    salary, what is the right number to offer a
    candidate, and what can a candidate expect
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STReWay Fall 2013 Newsletter

Silicon Valley's improving employment numbers outpace national and state recovery trends:

There seems to be no end to the IPO success of 2013. Twitter's IPO minted 1600 new millionaires! Who's next?

Note: The market for top talent is always at a premium. 2014 will see an increased demand for finance and accounting talent, both full time and interim. If you are planning on hiring for critical roles please contact us at

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Candidates and Hiring Managers: Maximize Your Experience with Recruiters

Our highest priority at STRe Solutions is building long-term relationships with both jobseekers and hiring managers. The Recruiter Relations section of our newsletter offers ongoing tips to help you maximize your experience with a recruiter, regardless of whether you're seeking top talent to seamlessly join your team or searching for your next ideal position.

This quarter we will discuss salaries and how companies can compete in the marketplace with their salary structure. Compensation is just one piece of the puzzle. On a certain level people need money to pay their bills, but beyond that, there are many factors which effect whether a candidate will accept an offer, and whether they will remain happy on the job.

Candidate Tip #123

Is the salary enough?is it right?

Why is salary so important? Partly you need to have enough money to pay your bills and partly salary is a measure of your worth in the market place. When you change jobs early in your career you can usually expect to get a larger increase in base salary up to 10%, and of course, there are other factors such as bonus, equity and benefits.

It is critical to understand all the factors around compensation, as there may be some unusual benefits, like lunch everyday, or 100% 401k matching. Most important is whether you believe the salary is fair. If you are working with a good reruiter they should be able to guide you to understand what is fair and what you can expect. has some useful information that might also help. And, consider the timing of the company's review process... and that is OK to ask what the range is for the position.

Hiring Manager Tip #123

What is the right salary for the condidate?

It is not about money; it's about the value proposition you show thew candidate. You (or your recruiter) should always ask the candidate what their current salary is, and if there are any extenuating circumstances. Sometimes, a candidate is overpaid because they have 'golden handcuffs' and they are truly prepared for a cut to a reasonable and fair salary for a good career move. And... then... a candidate may be underpaid, so don't just assume you can get them 'cheap'. Prior salary is not necessarily the best guideline to use in preparing a compelling offer for the candidate.

Surely, you have a budget, and most likely a specific salary range for the position. However, you also need to factor in market conditions for the skill set you are seeking to hire. And... remember that if the candidate accepts a 'below market' salary they will probably leave when the market picks up if you don't adjust the compensation.

And... if the information on the resume looks like the candidate may have the right qualifications, you will want to move beyond the resume to meet the candidate for an in-person interview.
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