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   • Unemployment drops to 5.4%

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    This quarter the STRe Solutions team discusses
    the value of recruiters in this hot job market.
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STReWay Spring 2014 Newsletter

Spring weather has been a little crazy, and that seems to be a reflection of the activity in Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley beats to its own drum.

Unemployment in Silicon Valley for April 2014 dropped to 5.4%. According to the US Jobs Report U.S. unemployment was at 6.3%, down from 8.2% two years prior.

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Corporate Venture Investing: Significant venture investing is now coming from
   the corporate world

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Candidates and Hiring Managers: Maximize Your Experience with Recruiters

Our highest priority at STRe Solutions is building long-term relationships with both jobseekers and hiring managers. The Recruiter Relations section of our newsletter offers ongoing tips to help you maximize your experience with a recruiter, regardless of whether you're seeking top talent to seamlessly join your team or searching for your next ideal position.

This quarter's focus is on the value of recruiters in a hot job market. Who needs a recruiter when the market is hot? Don't be too quick to assume you don't need a recruiter!

Candidate Tip #125

Why should I talk to a recruiter when the job market is so hot?

So you have decided to make a change in your career since the job market is so hot. Slap together a resume, send it to a few friends and apply online to some hot companies. Surely, you will get requests for interviews. It doesn't always work that way. In a hot market companies are busy hiring engineers and sales folks, G&A is often not a priority, except for the Finance executives.

Networking is still the best way to get introduced to a company that you have an interest in. If you apply online, who will be your advocate? Who will steer you through the process and make sure you are prepared for your interviews? Internal recruiters are often helpful, if they are working on the G&A positions.

An external recruiter can be your advocate if, and only if, you are a good fit for the position and will bring value. A good external recruiter, who knows their client, will be able to save you countless hours of interviewing if this is not going to work. They have experience working with similar situations and when they have a close relationship with the hiring company, their knowledge is invaluable. A trusted, professional recruiter can be a great career coach.

Hiring Manager Tip #125

How do I get the attention of the good candidates in this hot market?

It seems like candidates are not only hard to find, but hard to hire before someone else gets them. Maybe it is time to seriously consider an external search firm for assistance. If you hire a firm that specializes in G&A positions, you can tap the passive candidate pool and gain valuable insight from the external recruiter on trends in hiring for these positions.

Devote the time upfront to work with your recruiter, either internal or external, so they can be your search partner. This will save you countless hours of looking through resumes, interviewing candidates who are not a good fit. Let the recruiter do the initial assessment and meet the candidate in person before you do.

And.. be prepared to be flexible on your "must haves" for the position. If you can be open to candidates with slightly different backgrounds you can hire the next rock star! Be ready to make a decision quickly, don't wait around or your candidate will be gone. Be sure to set expectations of your hiring timetable with the candidate. You can work with your recruiter on this.

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New Key Searches Underway
  • Retained: VP Finance & Business Operations, Engineering Services, Peninsula
  • Retained: Corporate Controller, Private SaaS Company, Peninsula
  • Exclusive: Multiple Tax Managers, $B+ tech company, North Bay
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