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   • Employment State of the Union; Looking at
     2014 so far, what to expect in 2015
   • Employment up; Unemployment steady at 5.8%
   • People use Google to search the Internet and
     Google is getting ready to search the world
   • 7 Most Common Negotiating Mistakes

    This quarter the STRe Solutions team discusses
    "Defining Success in Hiring."
     Candidate Tip #127 Hiring Manager Tip #127  full article

   Michael Lewis, experienced Finance Recruiter
   Leslie Roberts, CPA, Tax Professional

   Ian Sobieski, Managing Director, Band of Angels
    is the guest speaker January 20th.



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Employment State of the Union; Looking at 2014 so far, what to expect in 2015

Employment up; Unemployment steady at 5.8%:

People use Google to search the Internet and Google is getting ready to
   search the world:

7 Most Common Negotiating Mistakes:

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Candidates and Hiring Managers: Maximize Your Experience with Recruiters

Our highest priority at STRe Solutions is building long-term relationships with both jobseekers and hiring managers. The Recruiter Relations section of our newsletter offers ongoing tips to both clients and candidates.

This quarter's focus is on "Defining Success in Hiring." As a hiring manager, how do you measure success? As a candidate what does 'success' mean for you and your career?

Candidate Tip #127

Success in Hiring

As a candidate a successful hiring process starts with honest and accurate information. What is the opportunity? How will it promote my career? And... who will help me get this information and manage this process efficiently for me so that I am not wasting my time or the company's time? A company with a good hiring process provides the right information that you need as part of its brand. People will just know this is a good place; they have heard from colleagues in the industry that these guys are serious when it comes to the hiring process.

To be successful in your search there are a couple of basics to follow:
  1. Differentiate yourself; determine your unique value proposition.
  2. Understand and articulate why your experience is a good fit for the company –let them know "what's in it for them."
  3. Be excited about the opportunity and demonstrate that you have researched the company; show curiosity about the business.
  4. Listen during all conversations and interviews with the company. Respond with answers and comments that tell them you heard what they need.
  5. Follow-up - even if you determined the job isn't a good fit after you have interviewed, thank you notes are a must!

Hiring Manager Tip #127

What does it mean to have a successful hiring process?

Hiring talent for your team is more than creating a job req and a job description. What are your business needs, how will the new hire fit into those needs and what does success look like?

Start by outlining your business need and understanding the personality fit of the ideal new hire. Identifying candidates can be easy with the internet and social media today, but assessing the candidates for your specific need is the hard part. Don't be an island! Partner with your HR team or a trusted recruiter to hire the right talent. Understand what is important to you and how the position will impact the candidate's career. This is a two way street, and both parties need to win.

Throughout the process keep in communication with the candidates, set expectations for follow-up and let the candidates know what the process will be like. No one likes surprises. As the hiring manager you want to be in control and you want to leave your options open. So... make sure that every candidate has a good experience, not just the one you want to hire. Word gets out if your process is lacking or wastes time. The worst experience for job applicants is the 'no follow-up' routine. Don't be afraid to tell a candidate they have been eliminated. That is OK and will be appreciated, even if they are disappointed.

Bottom line - a good hiring process will contribute to your success as a manager and ultimately to the success of the company.

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New Retained Searches
  • Head of Financial Planning & Analysis, Public Biotech Company, East Bay
  • Director of Accounting, $1B+ Public Manufacturing Company, South Bay
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STRe News
Michael Lewis, Experienced Finance Recruiter Joins the STRe Team

Michael has a combination of Big 4 public accounting and industry finance experience coupled with recruiting experience in the bay area. He has successfully placed candidates across all levels from Controller, Director, and VP to Senior Accountant and Analyst. His clients have included both pre-IPO and public companies in a wide range of industries including SaaS, Life Sciences, E-commerce, Networking, and Energy.

Michael has a BA in Accounting from the University of Washington and an Executive MBA from St. Mary's College. He also serves as an Adjunct Instructor at Golden Gate University.

In his spare time Michael enjoys watching and playing sports, including golf, tennis, skiing and basketball.

Leslie Roberts, Tax Professional, Joins the STRe Team

Leslie is a Big 4 CPA who has been providing tax consulting services for over 20 years. Prior to starting her own firm she was a Tax Manager at Deloitte supporting clients in both the public and private sector. She is an active California CPA and a member of the AICPA.

Leslie has a BSC in Accounting from Santa Clara University and a Masters in Tax from Golden Gate University. She is passionate about giving back to the community and has held leadership positions on several non-profit boards.

In her spare time Leslie enjoys hiking, Pilates and traveling.

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FEI Silicon Valley
Sue Salvesen, STRe's CEO, is President of FEI's Silicon Valley Chapter (, an organization of senior level finance leaders. FEI has monthly dinner meetings at Palo Alto Hills Country Club where you can build relationships with your peers; attend professional development events and advance your knowledge and earn CPE credits; and enjoy social events including their holiday party and the annual golf scholarship tournament. 2015 will be an exciting year with new activities planned so you won't want to miss out!

The next dinner meeting is January 20th with Ian Sobieski, Managing Director for the Band of Angels as the guest speaker. Contact Sue ( if you're interested in attending.
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STRe Fun - 52 Phrases that would have made absolutely no sense 20 years ago
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