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   • Strong Economic Growth; Full employment by
     mid 2016
   • Education – the next Big Thing in Silicon Valley
   • Bay area is the place to work!
   • Positive Outlook for Venture Capital

    This quarter the STRe Solutions team discusses
    "The War for Talent."
     Candidate Tip #128 Hiring Manager Tip #128  full article

   Dr. David Lawrence, former CEO and Chairman of
    Kaiser is the guest speaker March 19th.



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Strong Employment Growth; Full employment by mid 2016

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Candidates and Hiring Managers: Maximize Your Experience with Recruiters

Our highest priority at STRe Solutions is building long-term relationships with both jobseekers and hiring managers. The Recruiter Relations section of our newsletter offers ongoing tips to both clients and candidates.

This quarter's focus is on the war for talent and the need to move quickly as a hiring manager; and for candidates, let the buyer beware, be sure you manage your search effectively in this market.

Candidate Tip #128

So many jobs now... what should I do?

It seems like the phone is ringing constantly with those pesky recruiters. Some are annoying and some just don't get it. And... the job postings are daunting... so many to choose from. What is really important is focusing on your career. Is this the right time to be looking for a new opportunity? What is my next career step?

It's a good idea to always listen when a recruiter calls, and ask key questions about how this new opportunity will move your career forward. Once you have decided to consider new opportunities it is important to be selective as you will need to take time to focus, prepare and go on interviews while still performing at your current job. And remember, always tell the recruiters that they need your permission before they submit your resume to a client.

When you get to the offer stage you will likely have a short window of time to make your decision. Therefore it is important to get all your questions answered up front. Companies don't want you shopping their offer and they are keenly aware that you may have multiple opportunities. If you need more time to make a decision, it is OK to ask for the time, but be prepared that your request may be turned down if the company has another candidate pending.

Hiring Manager Tip #128

Recruiting in a Tight Candidate Market

The war for talent today almost reminds us of 1999! The good news is that your company is doing well, lots of new initiatives are on the horizon, the outlook for business is good and you have newly approved hiring requisitions. The bad news is that good candidates are hard to find and when you find one you have to move quickly or you will likely lose them to the competition.

The best way to tackle the fast moving candidate market is to have a plan, from writing a compelling job description to extending an offer that will be accepted. Don't leave any stone unturned. We suggest that you engage someone on your team, an internal recruiter, or an external recruiter to manage the hiring process so that you can still do your regular job, and the hiring of new staff gets the attention it needs to be successful.

Timing is critical. Move the process along at a reasonable pace, or you will likely lose momentum. Try to minimize the number of times the candidate has to come in for interviews. When you find a candidate that fits and will add value to your organization, act quickly to put together a compelling offer. Let the candidate know an offer is in process, find out what it will take and then we recommend a short time frame to accept your offer or it goes away.

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FEI Silicon Valley
Here's a little history about FEI, Financial Executives International. FEI was founded in 1931 as the Controllers Institute of America. Today the organization is the leading advocate for the views of corporate financial management. The SEC, PCAOB and Congress sees FEI as the voice of financial executives in America. FEI proactively helped design the CFO Act, and has a history of supporting legislation that enhances the business climate.

FEI's Silicon Valley chapter brings together senior finance leaders for networking, professional development and engaging speaker programs. The next monthly dinner meeting is Thursday, March 19th and the speaker is Dr. David M. Lawrence, M.D., MPH, former CEO and Chairman of Kaiser Foundations and Hospitals. His presentation is entitled "Health Care Delivery for the 21st Century".

If you'd like to learn more about membership in FEI and how it can enhance your professional development, please contact Sue Salvesen at Sue is the President of the Silicon Valley Chapter and will be happy to host you as her guest at an upcoming meeting.
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STRe Fun --- Travel in Style
This is just amazing! You can't believe the $23,000 adventure you are about to witness.
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