Resume of Marilyn Kanas
Co-Founder and Former Managing Partner

Marilyn Kanas joined STRe Solutions in September, 2006 as a Co-Founder and Managing Partner and has moved to an advisory role and will work select executive searches. She has successfully completed hundreds of searches for key management roles in Finance, Accounting and Human Resources. Marilyn is a former sales and marketing executive with experience at start-ups and medium to large public companies.

Prior to joining STRe Solutions, Marilyn was an executive recruiter specializing in senior level executive search at the director level and above recruiting in finance, accounting and human resources. She served as Vice-President of Marketing and Public Services at Keynote Systems, following the successful acquisition of Velogic, a venture-backed start-up, by Keynote. She also served as Vice-President of Field and Corporate Marketing at NetManage, and Director of Enterprise Software Marketing at Amdahl.

Marilyn is passionate about providing value to her clients and candidates. She lived by the motto: "I would rather make a friend than a placement."

In addition to her advisory role at STRe and working select executive searches, she will now spend more time as a Personal Wellness Coach and enjoying golf and travel.

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